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Are you searching for a scaffolding company in Chichester that is reliable, friendly, hard-working and for a great price? You've found the right place.

We provide a variety of services for all types of scaffolding in Chichester. We offer tower scaffolds and platforms for smaller jobs such as gutter cleaning and painting. We cater for larger projects such as new builds and extensions with temporary roofs and much more.

Our Chichester scaffolding services can also cover all commercial and industrial scaffolding projects. With many years of experience in working with other contractors and construction companies, we are easy to work with, reliable and fast.

We design. We erect. We dismantle

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Before any assembly takes place we must first design the scaffolding structure as each job is different. This ensures maximum security and safety.


Once the design is completed the erection of the scaffolding can begin. Our team of trained scaffolders will have the scaffold built and ready to go in next to no time at all!


Once the work has been carried out and the customer is happy for the scaffolding to be removed, our team will come along and dismantle the scaffolding whilst avoiding any disruption.